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Free Online English Test

Take a free English test online. English language level test with no obligation to do a course. The test result will give you a general idea of your level – it is a grammar test only and does not test your speaking, listening or writing skills. The result will help you plan your studies. For example it will give you a pretty good idea of how many weeks you need to study if you need a certain IELTS score. It can also help you decide which Cambridge exam is the…

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Best Language Schools in 2019 – Awards 2019

Langports Gold Coast Best Language School in Australia 2019 Langports Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise (Gold Coast), Australia (IALC Member) Check all reviews and ratings of the best Language School in Australia here! CLLC Toronto Best Language School in Canada 2019 CLLC Toronto (The Canadian Language Learning College), Canada Check all reviews and ratings of the best Language Schools in Canada here! ECELA Santiago Best Language School in Chile 2019 ECELA Santiago, Chile Check all reviews and ratings of the best Language Schools in Chile here! LTL Mandarin Best Language School…

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Best Language School in China 2019

LTL Mandarin School in Shanghai, China Shanghai, December 22, 2019 “2019 has been a hugely successful year for us at LTL Mandarin School, so to receive this recognition from our students is hugely significant, and caps off quite a stunning year for us. Ultimately our students matter more than anything else, so the fact they continue to come back in their droves and leave us such wonderful words speaks volumes for what we offer as a school, and how our team work so tightly together. It’s this tight-knit nature we…

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