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Study French at IFALPES

We invite your students to study French at IFALPES, an all year round destination in France.

We are situated in Annecy, in the heart of the French Alps, barely 30 minutes away from Geneva and the international airport.
Annecy is a vibrant town on the banks of one of Europe’s purest lakes. With the lake in the summer and the mountains in the winter, there is always plenty to do. We have a unique best-selling French +ski course.
Annecy is less congested than the towns on the French Riviera and much less daunting than Paris which helps students when they first arrive.
The friendly size of the town ensures that accommodation is never too far from the school either and prices remain reasonable.
With over 20 years of experience, IFALPES has the French Government accreditation ‘FLE’, is a member of Campus France, IALC and Souffle and also holds the EAQUALS label.
IFALPES has an in house accommodation service which provides the best housing for our students, be it in a host family, individual studio or shared apartment.

10 good reasons to study French at IFALPES :

1. LOCATION : Favoured destination between lakes and mountains, ideally situated and easily accessible.
2. EXPERIENCE : more than 20 years of experience with specialised French native teachers.
3. ACCREDITATIONS : Label Qualité FLE, and EAQUALS ; member of IALC, SOUFFLE & Campus France, TCF exam centre
4. FLEXIBILITY : Sessions starting every month. Non- beginners can join a course any Monday.
5. TYPICALLY FRENCH : Safe and perfectly sized town where international students will feel at home.
6. INTERACTION : School shared with French students. Possibility to take courses at IPAC School of Management.
But also…
7. PRICE : the longer the stay the lower the rates starting from the first week.
8. DIVERSITY : Over 60 different nationalities present at IFALPES throughout the year.
9. REACTIVITY : Confirmation of enrolments and choice of accommodation within 24 hours.
10. ALL-INCLUSIVE : Accommodation and activities services all year round.

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