English plus Demi Pair Program

English plus Demi Pair Program

Langports’ English + Demi-pair program is designed for students wishing to improve their English, whilst discovering a new culture and experiencing life in an Australia family as a part-time au-pair. Demi-pair students receive accommodation and 3 meals per day in exchange for working 15 hours per week in their host family.

  • 12-week placement with a possibility to renew the demi-pair placement
  • Tasks include 50% housework and 50% childcare
  • Your student can combine the demi-pair program with different English courses such as UFO English full time & part time*, Cambridge Flexi, CAE, FCE, TOEIC, EAP and IELTS.


  • This program is accessible at our 3 campuses in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney.
  • Our demi-pair program is open to both males and females aged 18 years old and over and coming to Australia on a Student visa or Working Holiday Visa to study English for a minimum of 3 months.
  • We accept students with a minimum of a pre-intermediate English level.
  • We are quite flexible with students as specific references, diplomas or driving license are not compulsory. We mainly focus on their personality, organisation skills and motivation to leave and work in an Australian family.


Program rules:

Most of the working hours will be from Monday to Friday (some hours in the morning and some in the afternoon/evening) but some families also require help from time to time on the weekend.

Tasks in the family can include the following: preparing meals or helping to prepare meals, ironing, washing clothes and folding, vacuuming, washing floors, dusting, cleaning bathrooms including toilets, cleaning up kitchen after meals, tidying common areas and children’s rooms, preparing children’s lunch, waking up children and getting them ready for school, taking them to school and/or picking them up from school, helping children with homework, helping children getting ready for bed including assisting them with their bath, organising some activities for the kids etc.


Each placement lasts for 12 weeks. However, students can enrol for a longer course & if they wish to keep going with the demi-pair program after their first 12 weeks, students can:

  • renew their placement in the same family for another few weeks (if the family still is available and providing that the first placement went well), for free.
  • renew their placement in another family for another 12 weeks providing that the first family gives good references about the student (great behaviour, personality and motivation), for free.
  • or decide to choose another type of accommodation (at an extra cost, depending on which type of accommodation they choose).-


We usually ask students about their plans in week 9 or 10, so that we have time to get organised.
Altogether this means that students can enrol for programs that are longer than 12 weeks (for the English course) but we will only guarantee the demi-pair placement for the first 12 weeks.
Students don’t get paid in this program.