Corona Virus Warning, Source BAG SwitzerlandCorona Virus Language Schools 

Corona Virus Update 5 June 2020

Forecast on 8 June for June and July 2020

Corona Virus Warning, Source BAG Switzerland

In many countries, measures against the coronavirus are currently being relaxed and with them, more and more borders and language schools are opening up. Use the time and prepare your language stay well and check the ratings on of your favourite school. 

At the moment there are announcements in many countries that the borders will open again and schools will soon be allowed to teach again. 

But there are big differences in the dates worldwide and sometimes you still have to go into quarantine when entering the country. 

We urgently recommend that you make sure that you are allowed to enter and go to school in each country and school individually. 

Your local agency or the school itself will be happy to inform you.

The COVID-19 has meant schools and language school across the globe have closed. Most schools are offering distance learning oder Virtual Online Language Classes! Check with your school or agency.

We strive to ensure all information on our site is accurate and up to date. However, the contents of the site are naturally subject to change from day to day. That means, we can NOT guarantee the accuracy of all information on the site. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR CHECKING THE ACCURACY OF RELEVANT INFORMATION with your school or agency about the current status before you arrive or book! 

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