Closure of Dublin School of English

02/09/2016 Statement

Closure of Dublin School of English


Announcement from the Dublin School of English

Dublin School of English ClosedIt is with deep regret that we have to announce that the Dublin School of English has closed.
For nearly 50 years the DSE has been at the forefront of EFL tuition in Ireland, having been one of the very first English language schools to be established.
Over such a long period we have overcome many challenges and, in conjunction with many talented and dedicated colleagues, we have provided high quality tuition and services to tens of thousands of students since 1968.
Years of mismanagement of the EFL industry in Ireland by the Department of Education and INIS have led to an ongoing crisis in the industry and created an environment within which operating a legitimate EFL school is an extreme challenge.
The regulations governing the operation of English language schools which were issued in February of 2016 have abjectly failed to deal with the systemic issues in the industry.
Despite our best efforts we have been unable to secure an investor or buyer to continue the DSE as an ongoing concern.
The Crossen family would like to thank all our friends and colleagues in the DSE for their loyal and committed support over the years and express our deep regret that we have not been able to secure a better outcome for our staff and students.
Our colleagues in MEI and other schools will be assisting us in transitioning continuing students. The school building in Harcourt Street will be open next week to facilitate students and staff with future arrangements.
Further updates will be posted on our website.

Dublin School of English,
11 Harcourt Street,
Dublin 2.

Phone: +353 1 6773322

Please check back here for updates.

Creditors Meeting: We will be notifying creditors next week, probably on Wednesday 14/09/2016.

If you have a course booked and have not paid for it, please do not send any payment. We will be unable to refund it or to service the booking.

Week of 05/09/2016: The school will be open from 10:00 until 16:30.

Host families and group arrivals: If you are expecting a sdtudent in September or October and he/she is part of a group then the students have been referred to partner schools. They will be in contact with you with arrival details.

Students: All students are covered by the Marketing English in Ireland (MEI) Protection of Enrolled Learners scheme. If you missed the registration on Friday 09/09/2016 you shoudl contact the MEI office directly. You should email for further information.

Au Pairs: If you are due to travel and have agreed conditions with a host family, then please go ahead with the arrangement.

The Kenilworth Language Institute will be taking over the provision of classes for Au Pairs and placements. Please contact them if you have recently arrived or are due to arrive.

CELT course bookings (12/09/2016 and onwards) Lynda Kennedy (the course director) will be running the course in conjunction with Alpha College of English. All participants will be contacted. Any bookings on future courses will be transferred to Alpha College.

We also recommend Swan English Language Training as a course provider.

CELT course certificates: Available for collection from Marketing English in Ireland (MEI), 1 Lower Pembroke Street, Dublin 2 (by appointment only).

ICM Diplomas: There is one ICM diploma waiting for collection from Marketing English in Ireland (MEI), 1 Lower Pembroke Street, Dublin 2 (by appointment only).